An introduction

I’m Nik, one half of an Australian lesbian couple trying very, very bloody hard to make a baby. We’ve been trying since July 2016, so I have quite a bit of news to catch up on in this blog. I probably should have started sooner but it didn’t really occur to me that it would be of interest to me or anyone else. We pay money, sperm goes in, baby comes out, yeah? Needless to say, this past year has robbed me of most of that hopeful naivete.

But really! Of course it’s of interest. Of course it’s relevant. There is not enough information and resources out there for people like us (dykey, lezzo, spermless types) who are ttc. Devouring all the stories my wife and I could find on the internet was helpful, but it’s not enough. We have felt bamboozled and blindsided so many times during this process. No one teaches you this stuff. No one expects you to need it.

I want to record this for my wife and I, so we can look back and remember this time in our lives. I want to put this out there for others struggling down the same path as we are. I want to capture all of this for the child I hope we will make.

I will try to be honest about this process. I will probably verge on the side of TMI quite regularly. But, I’ll also try not to be too sombre and serious, because if you can’t laugh at an emotionally and financially crippling happy fun adventure like IVF, what the hell can you do?

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