This blog is written by Nik, the taller half of an Australian lesbian couple who have been trying unsuccessfully to make a human baby since July 2016. We were 27 when we started. You’re supposed to be fertile at 27.

At first, I was going to be pregnant. I was told there was nothing wrong with me and to wait 8 months for donor sperm to become available for IUI. After waiting, I was told that I was infertile (due to low AMH) and would need IVF. Our doctor wouldn’t allow my wife to be tested for fertility, even after I had done 3 full unsuccessful IVF cycles.

We moved to a different doctor and my wife was also declared infertile. I was told my infertility was due to NK cells. I did a fourth cycle (nothing) and my wife did her first which led to an early miscarriage.

We moved to doctor #3. I had surgery to remove endometriosis and did another cycle (but apparently the lack of endometriosis made me even more infertile).

We are back to doctor #2 doing a 7th cycle. Does anyone get pregnant from this IVF bullshit? I doubt it.

In summary: our lives have been destroyed by this incredibly shit hobby. This blog is the story of how that occurred and why it won’t stop.

Do ask me questions. Do tell me of your experiences. Do let me know there is up side to this hell.